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Some feedback we’ve received on our programs!


Child abuse lecture (AAPA 2019)

“This presentation was great in helping providers understand how to better look for signs of child abuse without jumping to conclusions on circumstantial evidence.”

“Great presentation!”

“Thank you for bringing your expertise to such an important topic.”

Mental Health Sequelae lecture

“I like how PA Thompson includes all factors affecting IPV (socioeconomic, psychologic, medical, etc) so that the whole picture is presented to us.”

“The great examples, and ease of answering questions. Professor Thompson is very comfortable with the material and her expertise with the subject matter is very evident.”

“I enjoyed the lecture presentation and just the real experiences that the presenter has had and how certain circumstances were addressed.”

“[I would change] Nothing, I felt that the lecture materials and presentation were relevant, informative, and well presented.”

“I wish she taught more of our lectures. She is phenomenal!”

interpersonal violence lecture

“I enjoy the passion that she exhibits about these topics and how it relates to medicine/being a healthcare provider. I also enjoy all her anecdotes. It helps me remember the topics covered.”

“She was informative, but straightforward and succinct. Awesome!”

“Very knowledgable, presented material well, confident.”

“Really enjoyed it! I thought she nailed the level of depth on pretty much everything.”