Consulting and curriculum development.

Areas of Practice



The cornerstone of where we began. We take pride in maintaining our academic roots and continuing to help academic programs everywhere evolve and grow. As interpersonal violence takes a central role in today’s media, it becomes increasingly important to educate the next generation of healthcare providers to holistically manage and treat these survivors. And we can help! We help our clients draft and implement the perfect, custom, longitudinal curriculum for your program to ensure adequate education and delivery.


Want a sexual harassment curriculum that is dynamic, interesting, and powerful? One that actually WORKS, rather than a series of videos every employee dreads watching? Let’s work together to make the workplace safer for everyone.

Public Speaking Engagements

We have a series of lectures already developed and are always working on new ideas. Need a dynamic speaker for your next event, look no further! We specialize in inspirational, strong, intelligent public speaking that proves that we all have the power to change the conversation around interpersonal violence.

Emergency Medical Services

One of the first ways that survivors of IPV come in contact with healthcare workers is through EMS. Why not ensure that your employees are the best educated and most sensitive in the business? With a personal background in EMS, we can easily offer a continuing education course or special seminar to leadership that will help EMS learn how to best serve survivors of interpersonal violence from an insider perspective!

Allied Health Professionals

Physical therapists, health aides, personal trainers, et al, you also come in contact with survivors, probably much more commonly that you believe. Do you have an interpersonal violence portion of your curriculum? Let’s make it stronger! Don’t have one? Let’s create one together!


We come to you with a strong background in evidence-based research and an interest in collaboration. Have a research project in mind? Want to collaborate on putting one together? Get in touch! We would love to hear about it.

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Our research has shown that education and empowerment is helping healthcare providers identify and manage both acute and chronic survivors of interpersonal violence. One of the steps is to embed this curriculum in programs, but another is to help currently practicing healthcare professionals in the same way. We also offer sexual harassment training that is vibrant, interactive, and sensitive - all techniques shown to improve the retention of information by employees!


In the vein of Jackson Katz (sociologist specializing in gendered violence) and some of the very interesting research into embedding sexual non-violence into school curriculum, we can put together a program and implement it to teach younger children the difference between sexual violence and being sexually aggressive, how to communicate openly and honestly about sex, etc.

Custom - The sky’s the Limit!

Bring us your vision…and let’s make it a reality!